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Thursday, 25 November 2010 00:00
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The R.I.P. Files: First Encounter Reports
Carol LaRiviere, R.I.P.
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Pat Marin and her team visited The Knickerbocker on the weekend of the Christmas Walk. Pat’s group was interested in investigating The Knickerbocker as well as gathering interviews, film and information.

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There is increase in reports of personal experiences at The Knickerbocker. It’s unclear if there are more experiences or if people are just more willing to come forward and talk about it or, and this is my personal opinion, both.

Three members of R.I.P. documented their experiences and have allowed us to reproduce them here. These documents arrived by email to Peg about a week after Patricia Marin and her team investigated The Knickerbocker for the first time.

To read the "First Encounter" reports see the Article Index, upper right or just click the "Next" link at the bottom of each page to view reports. Each report is on it's own webpage.



NOVEMBER 20TH - 21ST, 2010



I didn’t feel anything in particular when we first entered the Hotel, but that changed quickly once we started filming Peg’s interview. During the interviews, I mainly smile and nod because I have to keep quiet rather than filling in with the usual comments one makes during a normal two-way conversation. However, I kept looking past Peg down towards the other hallway. I felt there was something there. About halfway through Peg’s interview, I got chills and felt the hair on my neck rise. There were goosebumps all up and down each arm and I stated with absolute certainty, “There’s someone here with us right now.” I felt that someone was standing in front of us. I didn’t get anything else. If I had to guess, I would say it was s female presence. I don’t think Peg, Frank, or Jim felt anything unusual.

I continued to be very much drawn to that end of the third floor in particular. I felt several times as though I was being watched. It was not unfriendly, just curious.

When I put our things in the sleeping room Peg had assigned to us, I found myself short of breath. I attributed it to carrying several heavy bags and a gym bag up two flights of stairs. But it continued beyond when I should have recovered. At one point, I actually gasped for air. As soon as I left the room and sat on the sofa outside, I was fine. When I went back in again later, I did not feel nearly as much discomfort. I think my body had adjusted at that point although I continued to feel a type of “heaviness” in that room and did not sleep well.

During Carol’s Spirit Circle, all of a sudden my right wrist and forearm began to ache sharply. I don’t have any condition such as arthritis that would cause this, nor do I have any type of old injury that could have flared up. I also had not been carrying equipment earlier in the day that could have explained it. I think one of the spirits was trying to tell me something; however, I missed the opportunity because I did not pursue the odd event and ask questions about it. The pain went away after a few minutes. At other times, I felt tingly feelings on both hands, as well as a cold breeze on my left side that went in between Malinka and I. She was also feeling it. Did not appear to be any drafts that would cause it.

At one point in the “cot room,” Jim got a “non 60 cycle” response on the eSmog meter. That means that it was not caused by the usual house/appliance wiring, but by an unknown source. He also got KII spikes into the red range. He wanted to hold an EVP session there, but couldn’t get the others to pay any attention to him. Unfortunately, he gave up on the idea and left. I learned the next morning that the two investigators who slept in that room, Lisa and Malinka, both had odd, disturbing dreams and Lisa felt her hair touched during the night. Malinka thought she heard a cat purring nearby at one point when she was awake. Peg later told me that there had been other reports of phenomena in the “cot room.”

I tried to review the DVR cameras, but there appears to be constant interference with them. Large blocks of time are unaccounted for. They work fine here at home. The source of the interference remains unknown at this time.


Knickerbocker Hotel, Carol LaRiviere, R.I.P.

On my initial walk-through (which magically did not appear on my digital recording), I felt that the front room (with the 8 or 9 Christmas trees) was once a gathering place. Felt lots of residual energy from people passing through or relaxing in the room. I believe I particularly felt the energy of a man there, but don’t remember now if he said anything.

There were two places that really struck me. When I walked into the room that Pat and Jim were sleeping in, I immediately felt that It was a room of sickness and death. As soon as I walked in, I felt that someone had died. It was also difficult to breathe while in the room (changed immediately when I passed through the doorway) and I felt a definite female energy.

The other remarkable spot was on the third floor, in a room that still had layers of old wallpaper and had not been refurbished. I could feel female energy there as well. I will note here that the décor of the room was distracting and on hindsight I was picking up on the energy of the cribs in some cases and perhaps not the hotel at all.

While I was waiting for Rene to finish his walk-through, Lisa explained the KII and other EMF detectors to Malinka then Jim joined us to talk about “the experiment”. I easily understood my part of it, the rest of it I get the idea, the science sounded fascinating. I noticed while we were talking that the KII lit up. This is while we were in our staging area in the “cot room”.

I went to look for Pat and found her in the bedroom where I felt the woman had died. When we were in there I felt as if my lungs were full of fluid and there was a weight on my chest and found I couldn’t spend a lot of time in there, without preparing myself for the discomfort.

Before the first Spirit Circle began, I saw the spirit of a woman standing behind Pat. Lisa saw the KII light up. Pat felt the spirit person move behind her. She appeared to me to be in her mid-forties (although people from different time periods sometimes look older than they actually are). The spirit person then moved behind Pat and I didn’t sense her as much.

I started the spirit circle with deep breathing and protected our space. We closed our eyes, took a deep breath and imagined ourselves grounded to the earth. Our roots go deep into the earth until they reach the center of the earth, at which time Mother Earth sends us pure energy. We joined hands and asked spirit to move among us. We gathered energy for spirit to use to manifest for us.

I was feeling very hot on the right side of my body. KII was lighting up, but I think this was later debunked as electricity in the building. I stopped feeling hot and asked if we could speak to Milo, and asked if he would join us. That we had come to his home, asked to share his memories, what he did at his home, what his history was. I asked about Mr. McGuire, asked if he would come and be with us. I got very cold on my left side.

I sensed the spirit of a young girl about 12 years old. She was very curious about us. I asked her for her name. Pat’s right arm and wrist began to hurt. Lisa felt someone touching her ankle. I sensed a little boy in the room with us. Lisa spoke to the spirit person. Pat felt that a spirit was looking over her shoulder at the trigger objects we brought with us. I felt someone touch my head and heard the name Katie. Pat described the jewelry and perfume. The perfume was of lavender scent, I made it for the spirits, in hopes it would remind them of something they had while they stayed in the hotel or lived there. Pat invited the spirits to touch the jewelry or wear it

I invited spirits to take energy from the crystals or the crystal ball. I felt a touch on the other side of my head. Pat asked the spirits to make the KII blink once if they were there and twice if they were none. We thanked the spirits for letting us stay in their hotel. I was feeling much of the time that we were in someone’s house more than a hotel. Most of the spirits had an ownership feeling to them rather than a guest feeling. Lisa asked if the Spirit person with us was a soldier or a child. Pat asked if the spirit persons could help us have a pleasant stay at the hotel. Pat asked about the local attractions. We wondered what was lighting up the KII again. Pat asked if the spirit person could help us get tickets to the opera.

I heard a sigh or deep breath. Pat thought it might be Rene and Jim, but I heard a sigh and not a voice and Lisa said she felt cold on the side between us. Pat said we’d really like to get to know the spirits and asked if they would talk into our recorders and then asked if they could light the KII. Lisa asked if there were children with us. Lisa invited the children to sit next to her. Lisa talked about her grandchildren and asked the spirit persons to tell us how old they are.

I got an older man, grandfather age, white hair. He was not in civil war clothing. Had a laugh about the bucktail brigade comment that Pat made. He showed me “handy-man” work, fixing things. He talked to me about the building being worked on. Pat asked if the spirit knew Merle or if he had seen Merle. The spirit person said he likes things done a certain way. Pat asked if he approves of the building. What the spirit person showed me was not how the building looks now.

Next I got a fun spirit who said her name was Carla. She reminded me of Lisa (and also the spirit named Cecile from Gabriel’s who has been known to follow me around), she’s bubbly and full of energy. She is definitely in visitation here. The Carla spirit seemed happy that we were there, someone to play with and have fun with. Pat asked if Carla would sit with us on the EVP sessions and if we could take some photos. We all remarked that the room was much cooler than when we started. Pat and Lisa had tingly feelings on their hands. Lisa said she had that on her feet also. I felt something on my left leg. Pat said the cold was moving, but there were no windows or drafts. Ashleigh said she was feeling very cold. We invited Carla to hang out with us at our future circles.

We closed the circle and asked to retain the energy for the rest of our investigation.

Web-Cam Jim said there was an orb that came up from the table and disappeared just as we began the circle. Someone in the chat room said Lisa’s visitor may have been the ghost cat. Web-Cam Jim said that a spirit person named Henry and the cat have been noticed in that space.

Web Cam Jim brought the picture of a woman whom I felt was named Margaret into the room (portrait had been taken down because of the Christmas decorations).

I next did an exploration of the room with the multiple layers of wallpaper. I sensed the spirit of a woman. She said that the grandmother of the child was also here to see the child.

I saw image of a rocking chair in the room and saw a woman sitting with her child looking out the window. She wanted to see what was going on outside. I felt the woman was there for a celebration with her family. I felt spirit touching my hair. The woman was there when she was much younger to visit her aunt. She came from a farm. She withdrew. I asked if there were any other guests that could come and chat with me. A spirit came in, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying at first. This spirit person was away for a long time, I asked if it was because he was a soldier. He said he came back and everything had changed. His brother was killed in the war.

Somehow, my recorder turned off at this point so I don’t have Rene’s spirit circle or the divining rods in the bedroom, though I brought the recorder with me.







During the ladies spirit circle, I was feeling a cold breeze blowing on my right arm that began about halfway through the session and lasted until the end. There were two K2 meters that spiked to orange when held horizontally near the table, but went away when held vertically. Later the anomaly was explained by Jim testing for household current and found that there was electrical wiring running under the area we conducted the session in.

Rene and I went into the room decorated as Candyland to conduct an EVP session. Right away I was getting K2 hits sequentially flashing to orange. Jim tested the area for electrical current and found no source to explain the K2 hits. The meter flashed several times. Rene sensed the presence of a boy. We began asking questions and the boy spirit wasn’t responsive. We asked him to flash the meter if he wanted us to stay and he did, but he didn’t seem interested in moving the ball or communicating further. We ended the session.

Lisa came into the “Candyland Room” to try and communicate with the child spirit so I stayed to record. We both had K2 meters in the room but neither one picked up anything. I held a lollypop ornament from a string and it began to swing. Lisa asked if it was a boy and it slowed down. Then she asked if it was a girl and it sped up. She then left the room to try and find a camera. I tried to guess the little girl’s age and asked if she was 7 and got a positive response. I asked if it was 1840 and again got a positive response. I asked if she had a cat and got a positive response. At this point, Pat and Lisa came into the room and the ornament continued to swing back and forth. Pat told the girl about her cats and Lisa mentioned her dog. The ornament swung the entire time. Lisa then let the girl know we had to leave and that she could join us in the spirit circle. Then I said goodbye and the ornament stopped swinging.

During the second spirit circle, the K2 meters were spiked to orange on several occasions.
The last session was in the “Christmas Room” with Pat, Lisa and Carol. This is where Pat and Jim were sleeping overnight. We all could sense a very heavy feeling in our chests. Carol used dowsing rods to communicate with a woman whose name began with a C and who died in that room of tuberculosis. The woman thought she was still sick and couldn’t let go of it. Carol let her know that it was okay to let it go and not be sick any longer. The room seemed to feel lighter. Pat also used dowsing rods and communicated with a lady who may have been the sick spirit lady’s mother-in-law. She was agitated that the younger woman wouldn’t let go of the illness.

During the night, sleeping in the “cot room,” I had a very vivid and somewhat disturbing dream that made it hard to sleep and I woke up several times throughout the night. While awake, I thought I heard the sound of a cat purring nearby.


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