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Monday, 01 November 2010 08:51

New! A&E released the story line for Episode 21

Sunday, November 28th 11:00 pm ET
Monday, November 29th 02:00 am ET

A 17-year-old girl, Nicole, communicates with spirits. She says the spirits want something from her but she doesn't know what that is.

Ryan is a 16-year-old boy who has premonitions and knows details about people without having met them.

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ryan michaels photoI've been working with Ryan on his website for a while. He didn't tell me in the beginning why he wanted a website. After he told me about his coming appearance on A&E's Psychic Kids TV program he mentioned he wanted a web presence that was his own in order to express himself about his psychic experiences.

Ryan and I are working together on the website but he is doing it himself for the most part. Of special interest, in my opinion, is his About page and his "Letter to Psychic Kids."

From conversations with Ryan and Glenn White I am beginning to understand that growing up with overt Spirit influence can be challenging to say the least. I feel like Ryan's letter is reaching out to young people with psychic experiences and offering support.


Here is the official announcement from Ryan about his appearance on
Psychic Kids in Novemrber.

Psychic/Medium Ryan Michaels of Summerhill Pa will be making an appearance on Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal on A&E.

He will be in the season finaly of the third season his show will be airing on November 28, 2010 at 11/10c.

Ryan is a friend of the Knickerbocker who enjoys coming up and spending time and working with the paranormal he is also part of Lily Dale’s spiritualist church.

ryan michaels andpeg knickerbocker
Psychic, Ryan Michaels and Knickerbocker Owner, Peg Knickerbocker

Ryan Michaels on A&E's Psychic Kids

Friend of The Knickerbocker, Ryan Michaels will be on A&E's Psychic Kids this November.

ryan michaels and peg knickerbocker photo

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